“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

Benjamin Franklin

Students: Safety, Security and a Sense of Self-Worth

There are a myriad of theories, explanations and studies that have tried to capture the complexity of the human learning experience, yet no single answer has ever adequately explained it. While there are many differing opinions, there is a world of agreement when it comes to the early development of good learning habits. Establishing the foundational tools to effectively learn enable a child to excel throughout and beyond their academic career.
At Holmdel Preschool, we provide an education focused on developing initiative, self-discipline, concentration and persistence. Children learn how to persist in order to complete a task. They’re taught the rewards of being responsible and, most importantly, they develop a sincere love for learning.

A Curriculum Designed for Bright Futures

These are characteristics that all successful students possess and the longer a child is given the opportunity to reinforce these skills, the greater the probability they are internalized, becoming a permanent part of their development. Holmdel Preschool’s curriculum is a natural progression that considers how children learn. Our programs address what learning is appropriate and when it’s best learned. Holmdel’s curriculum is based on many sources of research, extensive knowledge of child development, the individual characteristics of each child enrolled and an understanding of the values of today’s culture and the desires of today’s parents.
Bringing it all together, we’ve developed rich, meaningful content that supports a curriculum utilizing developmentally appropriate practices.

You teach them when you reach them

Children excel when they feel successful and Holmdel Preschool focuses on cognitive development. This focused approach provides opportunities for children to exercise their ability to reason and make decisions. Through repetition and the consistent positive reinforcement, children develop internal feelings of success. Multi-sensory materials for physical exploration are provided with hands on exploration, stressing divergent thinking which leads to synthesis: the highest form of learning.

Providing All They Need to Succeed

Safety, security and a sense of self-worth: it’s all a part of the strong curriculum we’ve developed, featuring a broad and in-depth perspective that reaches and teaches children where they are. There are specific small groups within each content area that enable children to discover, explore and create under the watchful eye of a skilled teacher. This allows us to provide learning experiences using a variety of modalities to ensure individual success and achievement for everyone.

Our Learning Environments include:

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