The world is as many times new as there are children in our lives.

Robert Brault, Author

Infant Daycare In Holmdel, Aberdeen, Lincroft, Hazlet, Matawan, Middletown, NJ, and the Surrounding Areas

Infant & Toddler Child Care and Early Learning Programs

The sponge-like ability of a child’s brain during the first five years of their life is truly remarkable. Skill development is more rapid during this period than at any other time in their lives. The brains of babies, toddlers and preschoolers grow rapidly during this chapter of their growth. Language skills multiply, thinking and reasoning become more developed and social and emotional skills become tools that help them interact with others. This is a period rich in new discoveries and first times. You’ll notice your baby advancing physically, cognitively, socially and emotionally.
Our certified teachers practice differential teaching that accommodates for the individual needs of each learner. Using the popular and effective Creative Curriculum®, Holmdel Preschool partners with parents to provide a well-rounded, global experience for children. In order to provide the most focused care possible, Holmdel Preschool cares for infants from ages 6 weeks to 12 months in one dedicated room while toddlers aged 13 to 24 months have their own room.
As a child continues to thrive, he or she will reach new milestones. They learn to sit without support, soon they’re crawling and in no time they’re standing up. Holmdel Preschool is there every step of the way, encouraging and supporting your child’s natural progression as we provide opportunities for learning and growth in a healthy, secure and comfortable environment.

Together, we spend time:

  • Language rich environment
  • Many opportunities to focus on language acquisition for strong literacy foundation
  • Developing relationships with nurturing adults
  • Developing interest with peers
  • Playing through imitation
  • Senses, Memory, Creativity, Curiosity, Autonomy
  • Secure relationship to enhance learning
  • Routines to establish trust and expectations
  • Materials, schedules that encourage exploration
  • Opportunities for gross motor play
  • Private dedicated yard for infants and toddlers
  • Developing concepts and relationships
  • Opportunities for critical thinking and problem solving
  • Feeling Valued
  • Becoming attached to others
  • Feeling competent about what they can do
  • Communicating emotions through gestures
  • Expressing feelings
Infants in Car Seats at Infant Daycare in Holmdel, NJ

Around 3 months old, you’ll see milestones being reached, such as:

  • Using arms to prop up when lying on their belly
  • Short periods of time holding their head up without support
  • Visually following objects from the left or right to the middle, but not necessarily all the way around
  • Watching and recognizing individual faces
  • Distance recognition
  • Becoming bored and grouchy when doing one task for too long
  • Visual acuity manifests in seeing something and reaching for it
  • Spontaneous smiling
  • Enjoys playing with people
  • Starts cooing and babbling
  • Crying varies according to needs
  • Visibly responds to love and affection and shows happiness and sadness
  • Tries to imitate facial expressions

Before and After Class Childcare

Known as a caring and nurturing environment, Holmdel Preschool has created a place where children thrive. For parents who need more time before or after classes to pick up their children, we offer before & after class childcare. Children are in a safe and familiar environment and will know the adults involved in providing care. 

Our Learning Environments include:

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