As parents, you are the primary caregiver for your child and your attachment with them holds key importance in their personality development. Living in this modern world where both parents are working either full-time or part-time, it can get difficult to take out time and sit down with your child.

To ensure that you remain a vital influence in your child’s life and help nurture their growth and development, you could consider enrolling in toddlers’ classes. When you are in these mommy and me classes, not only do you get to bond with your child in a healthy and friendly manner but your child also at a young age gets to interact with other children which helps increase their social and interpersonal development. It also enables them to explore the world around them and helps aid their learning process.

When you enroll yourself for mommy and me classes in NJ, bonds and attachment are created and the child also begins to learn to communicate. They learn to use all five senses and begin to engage in meaningful play with the other children around them in their surroundings. This leads to well-rounded growth and development enhancing other areas of development as well such as cognitive skills, gross motor skills, and fine motor skills.

Are you wondering what exactly do people do in these mommy and me classes in NJ? Mommy and me classes are sessions that are held at local preschools that choose various creative activities such as arts and crafts, yoga, music, dancing, and much more to help a child develop their skills while also enjoying their time with their mothers, fathers, nannies or even grandparents.

On the contrary, during these sessions, mothers too get to enjoy their time with their children while leaving their day-to-day life worries behind. This is an added benefit for moms who are looking for something creative to do with their children.

Below listed are a few early learner classes that you and your early learner can explore. These include various activities such as toddler music classes in NJ, swimming, art activities for toddlers, and music classes for kids which will help you select the best option for you and your toddler.

Holmdel Preschool:

The previously known program ‘mommy and me’ has now been renamed as ‘parent and child program’ at Holmdel Preschool to increase the inclusivity of both parental figures. This program caters to children from the ages of five months to the age of two years. This program is ideal for those children who tend to be a little shy, who do not engage easily with others, and socialization can prove to be a big hurdle for them. This program will help the child ease into a school setting and remove any socialization barriers that they may be facing.

These classes for early learners help develop gross motor skills, and other skills relating to music and arts and crafts, and sensory stimulation to ensure that a child can use all five of their senses and can function in a social setting while also developing their cognitive domains. The class takes place once a week which ensures that the parents are not burdened with a hectic schedule and there are a variety of days and time slots that the parents can choose from according to their convenience.

The program is eight weeks long and new sessions also begin every 8 weeks. The child can then be promoted to preschool or toddler classes upon the parent’s wish and choice.

Musical Munchkins of New Jersey:

It is a music-based program offered to toddlers from the ages of 1 to 4 with classes divided according to age. The program caters to different music needs in each of the classes and has specially developed programs for each of these classes. Not only do they offer classes with parents but also offer classes with siblings to help strengthen their bond and introduce the child into a more social environment.

Even though the class is based mainly on musical skills however, the children are also taught skills that will prepare them for the upcoming school years and help them adjust well to a classroom environment.

British Swim School:

If you and your toddler love exploring water and want to spend some time splashing around then this mommy and me class might be the best option for you. They enroll infants from the ages of 3 months to 36 months. The program is called tadpole and it is meant to reduce the fear of water that children have. It is also meant to develop their motor skills while helping the child bond with their parent.

The child will receive an assisted back float as well as assistance while the parent will also be involved. The child will spend their time having a great time in the water.

P.E.P Club (Preschool Enrichment Program):

This is a parent and child program that focuses on developing a child’s skills before they are sent to an educational institution. They cater to children from the ages of six months to four years.

They offer various activities such as music, tumbling, puppetry, and toddler art class to increase the child’s social skills and help introduce a social environment to them.

They also conduct field trips that involve taking a train ride, going to the zoo, and taking a trip to the farm just so the child and the parents can bond while the child also learns new and exciting things and is able to explore their environment fully.

Bee You Yoga:

This program is dedicated to children as young as even 6 months old. Through the mommy and bee program, you can inculcate mindfulness and calmness from yoga at a very young age into a child’s development. Not only will it help relax the parent but also the child and will teach them new and exciting skills.

They offer various classes throughout the week and the mother can choose according to her availability and her convenience.


This local establishment offers parents to choose between music, art, and dance or even try free play. They have a class called big muscles for those future athletes where with the help of balls, tunnels, and various movements, a child develops their muscles and their gross motor skills.

For more older children, they can enjoy programs such as Rockin’ Railroad which is for those children who love music. The children permitted in this program have an age limit of up to five years and usually have a music class that features instruments and puppets as well. For those toddlers or young children who fancy sports, they can have a go at soccer, basketball, and more, and the age bracket of this program ranges from two years to five years.

Language Workshop for Children:

Their program called Language for Tots is an excellent way for a mommy and the child to get introduced to a new language. This can be excellent for children and being bilingual will enhance their cognitive growth and development. The age limit of this program ranges from six months to three years with parents just so learning can begin at a younger age and the child is able to grasp a new language.

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